Heritage Woodcraft

Lorin Ylioja started with machinery specific to milling custom profiles and particularly arch shaped mouldings in various wood species.  Reproductions are his specialty.


But why stop there?  Lorin has extended his offerings to include fully custom kitchen cabinets, built-ins, vanities, mantles and furniture.


Stepping inside a converted 1917 hip-roof barn reveals a CNC router and other specialty equipment to work through the stream of projects.


Lorin has focused on the Green aspect of finishing and stops by for a friendly chat and to pick up some of the following:


  • Target EM4000 Water Reducible Stains
  • Target EM8800 Universal Sealer
  • Target EM2000 WB Alkyd Varnish
  • Target EM9000 SuperClear Poly
  • Mirka Abrasives

Check out Lorin's site at Heritage Woodcraft to see some of the custom work he's produced.

Heritage Woodcraft
Courtesy: Heritage Woodcraft


  • Target Golden Oak WR Stain 
  • Target EM2000 Alkyd Varnish Satin