Dry Shellac

Wood Essence Premium Dry Shellac Flakes & Buttons. Dissolved with alcohol, shellac is the premier sealer and the ultimate in traditional finishes for French Polishing and Hand Rubbed Finishes. Available in various Dewaxed Grades.


Liberon Black Bison Wax

Liberon Black Bison waxes are considered some of the finest furniture and antique waxes available containing a balanced blend of natural and mineral waxes. Available in Clear and a variety of colors.


Retouch Crayons

Liberon Retouch Crayons are smaller and softer tinted wax filler crayons for touchup of surface scratches. Available in a 3 Color Pack and specialty 10 color kits.


UltraSeal WB Shellac Sealer

UltraSeal Waterbased Shellac Sealer is a unique solution extending the versatility of traditional shellac into a low VOC, non-flammable formulation. Used to enhance tone, adhesion and stain conditioning on all new wood interior projects.