EM6000 Production Lacquer

A True Waterborne Lacquer that will outperform conventional nitro-cellulose lacquers and CAB Acrylic systems without the environmental and safety issues associated with solvent based products. 100% Burn-In Between Coats, ideal for buffing.


EM2000 Alkyd Varnish

EM2000 Alkyd Varnishes are waterborne, hybrid alkyd urethane coatings that cure to a very tough amber tone. Perfect for Spray or Brush Applications on table tops or heavy use furniture, cabinets, vanities & millwork requiring superior chemical & moisture resistance.


UltraSeal WB Shellac Sealer

UltraSeal Waterbased Shellac Sealer is a unique solution extending the versatility of traditional shellac into a low VOC, non-flammable formulation. Used to enhance tone, adhesion and stain conditioning on all new wood interior projects.


EM9300 PolyCarbonate Urethane

EM9300 PolyCarbonate Urethane is a water-clear, non-yellowing coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesion to presealed wood and wood-type substrates. Formulated as an Interior/Exterior rated finish for spray or brush applications.