EM6000 Production Lacquer

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  • SKUTREM6000
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Target Coatings Emtech 6000 Production Lacquer

(Formerly Ultima Spray Lacquer)


Target Coatings EM6000® is the upgraded successor to the very popular Ultima Spray Lacquer.

EM6000 is a unique water-based lacquer that generates 100% burn-in regardless of the age or cure time of the previous coat.  The clarity, depth-of-image and buffability of EM6000 is unlike any other water-based lacquer currently available.

Durability and chemical resistance of EM6000 is equal to high-end solvent-based catalyzed lacquers.  It is also non-flammable, VOC compliant and HAPS Free.

If you are looking for an economical, easy-to-use, high performance water-based coating system, we suggest Emtech 6000 Production Lacquer.

  • Low VOC, Zero HAPS
  • LEED EQ4.1, EQ4.2, EQ4.5
  • 100% Burn-In between coats (no witness lines when buffing or rubbing out)
  • Buffable to high gloss
  • Subtle amber color
  • Water Clean-Up
  • High Solids Content
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Sprayable (HVLP or Conventional) or Brushable
  • Excellent choice for Musical Instruments!
  • Tintable with ColorFX Dyes, Mixol Pigments or UTCs

Target Coatings EM6000 Production Lacquer

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  • Kitchen Cabinets
    • Natural or Stained Wood
  • Residential Casegoods
    • Entertainment Units & Built-ins
    • Casual Use Furniture
    • Book Cases
    • Custom Furniture
  • Commercial Casegoods
    • Display Cases
  • Interior Millwork & Trim
    • Railings
    • Mouldings
    • Baseboards
    • Panelling
  • Musical Instruments
    • Guitars
    • Harps
    • Drums