Mirka Abranet Mesh Discs

Abranet - Mesh Sanding

Mirka Abranet Hook & Loop Mesh Sanding Discs Speed Cutting and Reduce Sanding Dust. Range 80 to 1000 grit.

AutoNet Mesh Sanding

AutoNet - Mesh Sanding

Cost Saving Mirka AutoNet Mesh Sanding Discs optimized performance at a reduced price. Range 80 to 800 grit.

Mirka Polarstar

Mirka Polarstar Film Backed abrasive discs for the ultimate in finishing needs. Range 600 to 1500 Grit.

Mirka Iridium

Mirka's Premium paper backed abrasive with a unique blend of Ceramic & Aluminum Oxide grains, optimized for speed & efficiency.

Wet Dry Sheets

Wet/Dry Sheets for level sanding and preparation of finishes prior to final rub out or buffing to high gloss.