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Dry Shellac

Wood Essence Premium Dry Shellac Flakes & Buttons. Dissolved with alcohol, shellac is the premier sealer and the ultimate in traditional finishes for French Polishing and Hand Rubbed Finishes. Available in various Dewaxed Grades.


EM6000 Production Lacquer

A True Waterborne Lacquer that will outperform conventional nitro-cellulose lacquers and CAB Acrylic systems without the environmental and safety issues associated with solvent based products. 100% Burn-In Between Coats, ideal for buffing.


Walcom EGO Carbonio 190 Detail Spray Gun

Walcom EGO Carbonio 190 Detail Spray Gun. This is an incredible mini-style spray gun with full controls that is perfect for small project work including guitars, jewellry boxes, small furniture and touch-up work. One of the finest detail spray guns on the market!