Sheen: 3.78 litre (Gallon) - Gloss
Price: $98.00
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Sheen: 3.78 litre (Gallon) - Semi-Gloss
Price: $98.00
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Sheen: 3.78 litre (Gallon) - Satin
Price: $98.00
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Target Coatings Emtech 2000wvx Alkyd Varnish

(Formerly Hybrivar)


Target Coatings Emtech 2000® WB-Alkyd Varnish (EM2000) represents the latest formulary technology in water-based wood coatings for fine woodworking, architectural and yacht finishing applications.

Emtech 2000 Varnish will create and define the warm glow of a traditional alkyd based varnish with the speed and safety of modern water-based systems.

While designed for spray applications, EM2000 is specially formulated to excel in brush-applied and wipe-on applications as well, all with exceptional results.

For ease of use in brush or spray applications on natural or stained wood with excellent durability and chemical resistance, we highly recommend Emtech 2000.

  • Low VOC, Zero HAPS
  • LEED EQ4.1, EQ4.2, EQ4.5
  • Self Sealing
  • High durability (alkyd-urethane resin)
  • Traditional amber color resulting in warm glow
  • Water Clean-Up
  • High Solids Content
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Suited to High Moisture or UV Exposed Projects
  • Adheres well over oily woods such as teak
  • Beautiful results on dark and figured woods such as walnut, mahogany and cherry
  • A premium finish for high-end applications and ease of use.

Target Coatings EM2000 Alkyd Varnish

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  • Kitchen Cabinets
    • Natural or Stained Wood
    • Bathroom Vanities
  • Residential Casegoods
    • Entertainment Units & Built-ins
    • Casual Use Furniture
    • Book Cases
    • Custom Furniture
    • Table Tops & Chairs
  • Commercial Casegoods
    • Display Cases
    • Table Tops
    • Bar Tops
  • Interior Millwork & Trim
    • Railings
    • Mouldings
    • Baseboards
    • Doors & Casings
    • Panelling
    • Architectural & Residential
  • High Wear Interior Applications