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Target Coatings SA5 Spray/Brush Retarder


Target Coatings SA5 Spray/Brush Retarder, when used at a ratio of 10-20%, improves the brushing and wiping actions when an extended wet-edge is required to prevent lap-marks and pulls in the finish.


SA5 Retarder is also functional as a spray additive when used to control leveling during high temperature/low humidity conditions.


When used at a ratio 5% by liquid volume, SA5 improves the flow and leveling of Target finishes when used with underpowered turbine units.


SA5 is functional in all Target Coatings Series finishes and sealers.


Directions for Use:

1.Measure 2-20% by liquid volume of SA5 to be used in coating.
2.Slowly pour SA5 into coating being reduced, mix well during addition.
3.Adjustments of SA5 percentages may be needed to achieve spray or brush results required. Do not exceed 20% by liquid volume.
4.After addition of SA5, allow the thoroughly mixed solution to settle and synergize for a minimum of 30 minutes before using. If SA5 is not properly incorporated into the finish, fisheyes and poor leveling may occur. If poor film formation occurs, continue to mix SA5/finish solution and allow to settle for 1 hour before use. Do not add additional SA5.

Note: If CL100 Cross-Linking Catalyst is also being used add SA5 after catalyst.

See directions on catalyst bottle for proper use and handling.


Target Coatings SA5 Spray Brush Retarder

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