Prairie Custom Guitars

Marty Brooker has been building custom guitars for many years and gains inspiration from almost anything around him.


There isn't a species or type of material that Marty can't turn into something functional and attractive.  In his words "Before throwing it out, make sure it's not 16x13x1.75"...


Seemingly always a project in progress, Marty has a great website showing a lot of techniques and methods that are beneficial to new and experienced builders alike.


It's always great to chat with Marty and arrange to send him some of the following materials:


  • ColorFX Dye Concentrates 
  • Target High Solids Filler
  • Target EM8800 Sealer
  • Target EM6000 Production Lacquer
  • Mixol Pigments
  • Menzerna Polishing Compounds

Give Marty a visit at Prairie Custom Guitars and browse around for his OSBcaster and other creations.

Prairie Custom Guitars
Courtesy: Prairie Custom Guitars