Liberon Liming Wax

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Liberon Liming Wax

Liberon Liming Wax is used to create dramatic, contrasting white highlights on open grain woods such as oak or ash.

It is frequently used to accentuate details on carvings and on routed or moulded details on picture frames and other decorative pieces.

The pores of oak or ash are first opened with a brass bristle brush. The wax is then wiped into the open grain and wiped off the surface to leave white contrast in the wood grain.

Liberon Black Bison Neutral or Clear Wax can follow for added protection and to enhance the effect.

  • Traditional finishing effect.
  • Suitable for decorative woodwork and furniture.
  • This technique is NOT recommended for kitchen cabinets, vanities or other high wear items.... see Target Coatings Glazing Medium.
  • Can be used over previously dyed/sealed or stained surfaces for even more dramatic effects.
  • Quick drying (buff in about 30 minutes)
  • Apply with soft cloth or #0000 steel wool
  • Follow with Liberon Black Bison Wax