Whirlwind Inline Air Filter

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Whirlwind Inline Air Filter by DeVilbiss

Economy inline Air filter provides protection from moisture, oil and particles immediately ahead of the spray gun inlet.

Manufactured of tough, lightweight Delrin, this disposable filter attaches directly to spraygun.

Perfect for non-dedicated spraying setups such as hobby or small shop work!

Works as secondary filtration from contaminants that occur in air hoses after main filtration system in professional spray setups.

Another of the simple things to ensure high quality spraying results...

  • Tough Plastic (delrin) construction.
  • 1/4" NPT Male Inlet attaches to airline quick-connect.
  • 1/4" NPT Female outlet attaches directly to gun inlet.
  • Water droplets are removed in Whirlwind chamber prior to moisture and oil filtration through internal media in second chamber.
  • Longer life because filtering media doesn't become saturated with water droplets.
  • Low Pressure loss due to large surface area of internal filtering media.
  • Handles up to 20 CFM with 2 psi loss at 80psi line pressure.
Whirlwind Disposable Inline Air Filter
Works with most Spray Guns
(shown on Walcom EGO Detail Gun)
2 Chambers to efficiently seperate water droplets, moisture, oil & dirt
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