Spray Gun Stand

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Gravity Spray Gun Stand


Spray Gun Stand with Filter Holder allows quick and convenient support of spray guns when filling.

Manufactured of black painted steel, this stand can be mounted to workbench or wall.

Fits most standard sized Gravity Feed Sprayguns, but may not fit smaller detail guns that use miniature spraycups.

Upper Filter Holder can be removed or rotated away for clearance.

  • Black Painted Steel Construction provides rigid, reliable support for spray gun while filling.
  • Steel frame and support will not break easily as compared to plastic stands.
  • Holes provided for mounting to Bench or Wall.
  • Filter Holder is removable or swings away for clearance.
  • Fits most Gravity Feed Spray Guns (Ring Diameter for Cup Rest is approx. 3-5/16" diameter). Guns using smaller cups may not rest correctly, requiring modifications or a simple insert to be fabricated.
Gravity Spray Gun Stand
Spray Gun and Filter Not Included
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