Viscosity Cup Ford #4

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Ford #4 Viscosity Cup  by Walcom

A low cost viscosity cup to verify coating viscosity prior to loading spray gun in preparation for spraying.

While most finishes are fairly consistent in viscosity, having a viscosity cup on hand for verification can help identify issues with levelling and coverage of finishes.

Simple to use...

1.  Submerse cup's top edge into finish until completely filled.

2.  Raise cup entirely above surface in container and start timing.

3.  Continue timing until first "break" in stream of finish draining from cup is noted.

4.  This is the viscosity "time".


Note that many factors including material temperature can have a significant effect on viscosity times and this may impact spraying consistency.


  • Constructed of tough plastic.
  • Clean cup immediately after use to prevent build-up of material in cup or orifice.
  • The outlet orifice is precisely sized and care should be taken not to affect it's shape, size or texture.  Modifying these elements will change the cup's timing properties.  Do not scrape or ream out opening during cleaning. 




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