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ColorFX Liquid Dye Concentrates - 6 Color Wood Tone Kit

We've pre-packaged our recommended starting colors together into a "Wood Tone Kit" in your choice of a 15ml, 60ml or 250ml size.

This very small collection of dyes can yield a tremendous range of wood tones simply by changing ratios of the dye concentrates. Choose the 15ml sized kit for small projects or if you're just experimenting with dyes. The larger 60ml kit contains enough concentrate to stain multiple projects.

  • Can be mixed with water for an economical stain.
  • Can be mixed with alcohol for a fast drying, NGR stain
  • Can be added to many finishes including shellac to create custom finish toners.
  • Compatible with most waterborne finishes and stains including Target Coatings.
  • Colors can be intermixed for unlimited shades
  • Traditional colors match common recipes and formulas
  • Excellent Lightfastness (but not intended for exterior use)
  • Each 15ml (1/2 oz.) bottle of dye concentrate will make approx. 1/2 quart/litre of standard dilution stain
  • Each 60ml (2 oz.) bottle of dye concentrate will make approx. 2 quarts/litre of standard dilution stain
  • Stain intensity is easily increased or decreased by adjusting the ratio of solvent (water or alcohol or a mix of both)
  • 15ml bottles have integrated droppers
  • 60ml bottles include auxilliary droppers

ColorFX Dye Colors Included in the 6 Color Wood Tone Kit

Colors are shown on curly maple, topcoated with Target Coatings SuperClear Polyurethane. Colors may not be exact on all monitors. Test dye solutions on scrap prior to application to projects.

Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber

Dark and slightly Reddish Brown.

Raw Umber

Raw Umber

Dark Brown with slight greenish and yellow appearance. Frequently used as a base dye for a dark mission brown finish.

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna

Reddish Brown, can be darkened with Burnt Umber for a deep, rich colored stain.

Raw Sienna

Raw Sienna

Dark golden brown without a reddish appearance. Very attractive on maple and other light woods.

Van Dyke Brown

Van Dyke Brown

Our darkest brown shade. Commonly used as dark walnut or to deepen other colors such as green or red. Perfect for the base on Espresso finishes.



Very nice amber color, can be used as a stain on bare wood or as an amber additive for waterborne clearcoats.


Burnt Sienna & Burnt Umber

Sample of a 50/50 blend of two dyes...Beautiful!!

Common Color Formulas (corresponding to popular homestore variety wood stains)


1 part Burnt Umber + 1 part Burnt Sienna + 1 part Raw Sienna


3 parts Burnt Umber + 1 part Burnt Sienna

Early American

2 parts Raw Umber + 1 part Burnt Umber


1 part Raw Umber + 1 part Burnt Umber

Golden Oak

3 parts Raw Sienna + 2 parts Raw Umber


4 parts Raw Umber + 1 part Black


4 parts Burnt Umber + 3 parts Burnt Sienna + 1 part Black

Ipswich Pine

3 parts Raw Sienna + 1 part Burnt Sienna

Colonial Maple

3 parts Raw Sienna + 3 parts Burnt Sienna + 1 part Yellow-R