Dye Kit Size: 15ml
Price: $39.80
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Dye Kit Size: 60ml
Price: $89.00
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Dye Kit Size: 250ml
Price: $295.00
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ColorFX Liquid Dye Concentrates - 5 Color Accent Kit

Accent Colors for Decorative work and for guitar and instrument builders! Your choice of 15ml, 60ml or 250ml sized bottles. 


The accent color dyes provide primary colors for decorative carving and turnings and are the perfect choice for luthiers.  They can also be used as advanced tinting colors for the ColorFX Wood Tone Kit. 

  • Each 15ml bottle can produce 1/2 quart/litre of standard dilution stain (plenty for a typical guitar body).
  • Each 60ml bottle can produce 2 quarts/litres of standard dilution stain.
  • Each 250ml bottle can produce 2 gallons (8 litres) of standard dilution stain.
  • Can be mixed at double strength for intense colors.
  • Apply by hand to bare wood.
  • Can be used to create tinted lacquers (compatible with many popular Solvent & Waterbased Finishes).
  • Complete with instructions.
  • Great for guitars, drums, turnings, carvings and decorative pieces.
  • NOT  Recommended for Childrens Toys or Food Service Items.
  • Green (not Included) is produced from blend of Blue & YellowG (adjust to your liking).
  • Amber, Red, Black perfect for Sunburst Guitars.
  • 15ml bottles have integrated droppers.
  • 60ml bottles include auxilliary droppers.



ColorFX Dye Colors Included in the 5 Color Accent Kit

Colors are shown on curly maple, topcoated with Target Coatings SuperClear Polyurethane. Colors may not be exact on all monitors. Test dye solutions on scrap prior to application to projects.


Bright Red. When mixed double strength as shown here, can make a fully saturated color even on maple.

Royal blue. Looks great on musical instruments and can be deepened by adding black.

Very nice amber color, can be used as a stain on bare wood or as an amber additive for waterborne clearcoats.

Yellow G
Yellow G
Used alone as a bright yellow stain or mixed with Blue to produce Green.

Deep black.


Green (Sample)
Green is NOT included in this kit.  This green is created by mixing Blue & Yellow-G from the kit.