Liberon Steel Wool

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Liberon Steel Wool

Featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine, Liberon Steel Wool is considered to be superior to other brands and is regarded as the best steel wool available anywhere for wood finishers.


Manufactured in extremely long, shred resistant strands, this steel wool is virtually oil-free to minimize surface residue on project surfaces.


  • Continuous rolls can be cut to length
  • Very durable and shred resistant
  • Suitable for lathe use
  • Virtually oil-free
  • For Wax Application & Hand Rubbed Finishes
  • Excellent for machine surface maintenance
  • Made in England

Liberon Steel WoolLiberon Steel Wool


Liberon Steel Wool Selection & Tips

How to Choose the Right Grade of Steel Wool:

Grade #00, #0 or #1 - Light Cleaning and Surface Preparation:

  • Use with Wax & Polish removers to remove built-up wax polish, smoke and dirt on wood.
  • Use to clean, smooth and prepare wood or metal surfaces before repolishing, waxing, varnishing or painting.
  • Use with a suitable solvent for light to medium cleaning of all metals (i.e. machinery surfaces)

Grade #0000 - Polishing and Cleanining Delicate Surfaces:

  • Use to cut back between coats of French Polishes, Varnishes and Oil Finishes
  • Use for rubbing out finishes to satin sheen
  • Use for application of waxes
  • Use to Clean and Polish metals such as bronze, copper, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum and machinery surfaces
  • Use to cut back between coats of varnish or paint
  • Use with soapy water to clean and polish porcelain, marble and glass without marking


Useage Tips:

  • Never tear steel wool; use a scissors or shears to cut to required size
  • Protect your hands from cuts by wearing gloves
  • Steel Wool is highly flammable! Keep away from all sources of ignition including sparks, fire and electricity
  • Always test steel wool useage on scraps or an inconspicous area of your project