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Solarez Grain Sealer Filler I Can't Believe It's Not Lacquer

Solarez® I Can't Believe It's Not Lacquer (ICBNL) is a Low VOC Green Technology resin that is curable by UV Light (Sunlight or artificial). 

Non-Flammable and low odour the ICBNL series of products is a welcome option for luthiers and hobbiests working in small shops.

No "Lacquer Thinner" smell, cures in minutes and sands incredible!

This is the Grain Sealer & Filler formula.

  • Zero VOC, low carbon footprint.
  • Non-Flammable.
  • 100% SOLIDS!
  • Cures to clear finish in minutes in sunlight (or artificial UV 385nm).
  • Sand with ease immediately after curing.
  • Clean up with Acetone or Solarez Eco-Friendly Solvent.
  • Use as filler or sealer over open pore woods such as mahogany, oak or ash.

Simplified Application Method:

1. Apply ICBNL Grain Sealer Filler with roller, brush or pad.

2. Work Grain Sealer Filler into open grain/pores using squeegee in multiple directions. 

3. Finish squeegeeing when possible at 45 degree angle to grain, leaving as little residue on surface as possible.  Filler should be in grain/pores only.

4. Expose all surfaces to sunlight or artificial UV light (385nm for 2 to 3 minutes).

5. Level sand with ~400 grit sandpaper.

6. Repeat with additional applications as necessary to completely fill grain (3 applications is typical).

7. Final sand with 400 grit prior to subsequent finishing steps as desired.


Solarez I Can't Believe It's Not Lacquer Grain Sealer Filler

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  • Guitars, Instruments  
    • Natural or Stained Wood.
  • Pool Cues
  • Pens
  • High End Items  
    • Jewelry Boxes
    • Picture Frames
    • Decorative Work 
    • Carvings
  • Decorative Items 
    • Chess Boards & Game Tables 
    • Game Pieces





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