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MicroFlex Supreno� SE

Blue Nitrile (non-latex) disposable gloves for low cost hand protection during finishing!

Supreno� SE Gloves are the best combination of strength and durability in an all-purpose synthetic glove.

Resistant to most shop solvents, with tough fingertips to minimize breakage and wear through while applying stains and glazes.

Textured fingertips provide a sure grip while handling parts.

These gloves are NON-POWDERED and are the preferred choice to prevent surface contimation of parts prior to finishing. Powders can stick or transfer to surfaces, resulting in un-even finishing results.

  • Powder-Free to prevent surface contamination.
  • Textured fingers for good grip.
  • Thicker fingers, with rolled cuff.
  • Resistant to most shop solvents including alcohol, acetone and lacquer thinners.
  • Ambidextrous, packaged in boxes of 100.

Material: Nitrile, Powder-Free, Polymer Coated

Color: Blue

Exterior: Textured Fingers

Length (mm/in): 245 / 9.6

Cuff Thickness (mils): 4.3

Palm Thickness (mils): 5.5

Finger Thickness (mils): 7.9

Tensile Strength (MPa): 14

Elasticity (%): 500%

MicroFlex Supreno SE Gloves
Glove Sizing

Size gloves by placing hand firmly on a table over tape measure or ruler and measure the widest part of palm.

My hand measures about 105mm; I wear "Large" from the following chart...

Glove Sizing Chart (approximation)


Hand Width


85-97mm (3.3-3.8 in)


97-110mm (3.8-4.3 in)


110-122mm (4.3-4.8 in)


+122mm (+4.8 in)

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