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CrystaLac Brite-Tone Reducer & Retarder

CrystaLac Brite-Tone Reducer-Retarder is the recommended solvent to adjust viscosity and to extend the dry time of Crystalac Brite-Tone Finishes and Fillers.

Adding in small amounts from 2 to 10% by liquid volume enhances spray atomization and will improve flow-out and levelling.

Up to 20% can be added to Crystalac Brite-Tone Instrument Finish for brushing applications.

Amounts over 5% will significantly extend the drying time of the finish, requiring a longer period of drying time between coats.

Slowly add desired quantity of reducer while mixing for a minimum of 1 minute. Allow product to activate for 1 hour before using.


Musical Instruments

  • Natural or Stained Wood
  • Solid or Hollow Body
  • Pianos and Keyboards
  • Guitars and other Stringed Instruments

High End projects

  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Picture Frames
  • Decorative Work
  • Table Tops
Brite Tone Reducer