General Finishes High Performance

General Finishes High Performance Polyurethane is a brushable waterbased topcoat with exceptional workability and leveling characteristics. It is a high solids urethane that also sprays very well and will provide superior durability for applications where brushing is necessary.


Enduro Clear Poly

Enduro Clear Poly Topcoat is a self crosslinking polyurethane that dries water clear. Clear Poly can be used on any project where higher solids (28%) and a non-yellowing finish is required.


Enduro Professional Conversion Varnish

Enduro Conversion Varnish is a post-catalyzed, waterbased finish for professional and industrial use on high wear items such as restaurant tables, bar tops and other areas where ultimate durability and moisture resistance is necessary.


Enduro Waterbased Pre-Cat Lacquer

Enduro Waterbased Pre-Cat Lacquer uses new polymer manufacturing technology and is well suited for economical finishing of furniture, trim & millwork. An easy to use waterbased acrylic finish with excellent clarity and durability.