Gramercy Tools Ox Hair Brushes

Price: $23.95

Gramercy Tools Ox Hair Finishing Brushes


Ox Hair is considered the absolute finest natural hair for finishing brushes, yielding the smoothest results when brushing most solvent finishes including shellac, varnishes and lacquers. 


Gramercy Tools researched and designed these brushes, exclusively for wood finishing applications and their subsequent  review in Fine Woodworking Magazine labeled then as "the Cadillac of brushes".  It is with great pleasure that Wood Essence is able to supply these execptional brushes to Canadian customers.

Made from 100% European Ox Hair, they are suitable for all types of solvent finishes but because they are a natural fibre, they are NOT recommended for waterbased finishes (See Waterbased Finish brushes here).

Hand made in the USA, these brushes are thick with just the right stiffness in the hand-sculpted chisel tip to lay on the finest brushed finish possible.


These brushes will last many years with proper cleaning and storage.

  • Hand Made in the USA
  • Ultra Fine, Soft 100% European Ox Hair
  • Nickel-plated Brass Ferrules are rust-resistant
  • Thick and Full for large capacity
  • Designed specifically for Solvent Finishes
  •  Available in 1", 2" or 3" widths.
Gramercy Tools Ox Hair Finishing Brushes