Size: 150mm
Price: $56.50
- +
Size: 220mm
Price: $64.50
- +
Size: 400mm
Price: $102.50
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Osmo Floor Brushes

Osmo Floor Brushes are specially designed for the application of Osmo Polyx-Oil(s) and Wood Wax Finishes.

Made from 100% natural bristles, these high-quality made in Germany brushes are designed specifically for the quick and efficient application of Osmo products.

Available in 3 sizes; 150mm (6"), 220mm (8.6") & 400mm (15.7").

  • A 100% natural hair bristle brush for the application of Osmo oils.
  • High quality beech wood head and robust backing plate.
  • Soft tips give fine control in achieving the desired effect.
  • 150mm size is ideal for finishing exterior deck boards.