Fillon Mixing Lid

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Mixing Lid (by Fillon Technologies)

Mixing Lids are extremely useful for frequent handling of paints, stains and finishes.

Originally developed by Fillon Technologies for autobody shops to dispense and mix automotive paint colorants, these mixers are heavy duty and very well designed for durability and daily use even in production or industrial shops.

These are the same mixers used at Wood Essence to mix and dispense our custom stain colorants. Some of the mixers have been on our automated mixing machine running for at least 15 minutes, every day for over 3 years.

The lid is designed to fit and seal tightly to the top of standard one gallon steel or plastic paint cans. A wide face foam gasket seals to the top of the paint can to prevent drips or runs down the outside of the can.

Cam-locks are twisted into place to lock the lid to the top of the can. The pistol grip integrated into the lid provides ergonomic handling of the can.

The lids have a thumb lever to control the sliding cover over the non-drip pouring spout. From dispensing of a few drops of colorant to full flow pouring of stains or finishes into spray guns, the dispensing system is simple but highly dependable. All parts can be disassembled for cleaning.

The hand-crank driven mixing blades blend contents thoroughly and are handy to keep stains properly mixed between filling of sprayguns in the shop and especially handy when working on job sites.

The lids can help prevent spills and drips while transporting containers and are very handy on jobsites, eliminating the need to repeatedly remove and replace regular paint can lids that are susceptible to popping loose and spilling of contents if knocked over.

Also available in Quart Sizes. We also include the quick-drive fork for customers that might like to build their own mixing machine.

Note: The mixing blades are designed NOT to "scrape" the bottom of containers. For some stains and finishes that settle and "cake" to bottoms of cans, it is important to initially stir the product to release and disperse any material that has settled. Further agitation with the Mixing Lids will help keep products in proper suspension during day to day use or while on the jobsite.

  • Available for Gallon or Quart size cans.
  • Non-Corrosive mixing shaft and components.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning.
  • Ergonomic handling of paint containers.
  • Non-Drip pour spout, self closing lid.
  • Heavy Duty, Industrial use design.
  • Economical and re-useable.
Rockler Mixing Lid Fillon Technologies
Gallon Size Mixing Lid
with standard Hand-Crank
Rockler Mixing Lid Fillon Technologies
Quart Size Mixing Lid
with Quick Drive Fork
Fillon Technologies Mixing Lid Quick Drive Fork
Quick Drive Fork
Included with Mixing Lids can be exchanged with Hand-Crank to attach to Automated Mixing Machines.