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3M PPS Cups & Collars  Long Life Components

3M PPS Cups &Collars for Gravity Spray Guns are available in 3 sizes, with the 750ml size being the most popular.


The Cups are made from rigid plastic to control the shape and provide stability for the collapsible liners that are fit inside. 


A plastic locking collar (included) is threaded onto the Cup to seal the disposable lid onto the corresponding liner.  This configuration can be disassembled to allow for refilling and re-use of the same liner if it is not damaged or the filter is not clogged.

Having a selection of Cup/Collar sets on hand allows you to have various finishes (i.e. sealers, stains and clearcoats) prepared in advance.  Switching from one product to another only requires a quick cleaning of the gun body prior to switching.


A popular trick is to have one Cup/Collar/Lid/Liner asembly filled with solvent (water, alcohol, lacquer thinner, etc.) to flush the gun quickly before switching to another finish.


Turbine HVLP Spray systems such as Kremlin/Apollo, Fuji and others typically do not benefit from the venturi effect to create a vacuum that will draw fluid from the collapsible liner.  These systems often require a pressurized cup to force fluid to the spray nozzle.  3M offers H/O Pressurized Cups for these systems and other applications where pressure feed is helpful.


H/O Pressure Cups are available only in the Mini or the Large size and are fabricated from rigid plastic and include a full coverage lid/collar assembly.  An integrated pressure relief valve is built into these cups and they include a rubber pressure tube to connect to the Spray Gun pressure port.


H/O Pressure Cups utilize the standard lids/liners that are used with the gravity/siphon feed cups.


3M PPS Cups & Collars
3M PPS Cups & Collars
Long Life Components 
(Graduated Measurement Sleeves Shown are NOT Included) 


3M PPS Pressure Feed
3M PPS Cups & Collars for Pressure Feed Spray Guns
Available in Mini or Large