PPS Adapter Type 2

Price: $26.00
  • SKUMMM16003
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3M PPS Adapter Type 2  Conversion Part

Adapter converts spray guns for use with the 3M™ Paint Preparation System requiring 16 mm Female, 1.5 mm Thread.


In addition to other models, this adapter is known to fit the following Spray Guns:


Fits the Following (And Others):

  • C.A. Technologies
    • Jaguar 100C
    • Jaguar 300C
    • Jaguar J100H
    • Jaguar SLP
    • Technline T3
  • Asturo
    • ECO/S
    • ECO/SX


Be sure to see the 3M Adapter Selector for guidance on selecting the correct adapter for your Spray Gun.

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