Cartridge Respirator - Maintenance Free

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Dual Cartridge Respirator - Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free Dual Cartridge Respirators are perfect for occassional users and full-time, daily requirements! Produced by Gerson, and NIOSH approved.

The Organic Vapour (OV) Cartridges are permanently attached to the facemask, meaning no extra parts required or potential leaks developing from removal and replacement of cartridges.

The P95 particulate pre-filters can be replaced as required. But when the OV Cartridges are spent, the entire mask is disposed of and replaced with a new one.

It is a low cost method to have a high quality, clean mask ready at all times.

Masks are supplied in a re-sealable foil bag to protect the filters from ambient air during non-use and to keep the mask clean and free from dust and debris in your shop.

If you are spraying any type of finish (including waterbornes) you should be wearing a respirator for your protection.

  • NIOSH Approved.
  • Pre-Assembled with OV/P95 Cartridges and filters.
  • Supplied in resealable bag for storage.
  • Soft, non-allergenic facepiece is soft and comfortable.
  • Low profile, swept back cartridge shape for better visibility.
  • Replacement P95 filters and retainers are available.
Gerson Maintenance Free Dual Cartridge Respirator

Dual Cartridge Respirator

by Gerson
Gerson Maintenance Free Dual Cartridge P95 Filter
Replacmenent P95 Filters
Gerson Maintenance Free Dual Cartridge P95 Filter
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