Enduro RTM Water Based Stain ColorBox

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General Finishes RTM Stain ColorBox


General Finishes RTM Stain ColorBox includes 4" x 5" samples of the pre-formulated RTM stain colors stacked in a convenient storage and display box.

Each of the included sample chips is Maple veneer on one side and Oak veneer on the opposite side of an MDF core.  Each chip includes the RTM Stain Formula for quick reference and comparison of stain formulations that use similar Bases.


The RTM ColorBox is ideal as a personal & training reference for Stain Color development.  It is extremely useful for stain matching requirements, quickly narrowing down base colors and ratios for preparation of match samples.


The RTM Stain ColorBox comes complete with a printed formula book and an EXCEL based color calculator.  Simply type in the Chip number & quantity of stain needed and the calculator will show the "Parts" and volume of each stain Base required to mix the stain.


Click to order RTM Stain Bases or RTM Pre-Mixed Stains.


  • Over 100 pre-stained and finished Color Reference Chips
  • Maple Veneer one side with Oak Veneer opposite
  • Formulas provided on Chips
  • Printed Formula book
  • EXCEL Spreadsheet based Calculator (Excel program not included)
  • Display / Storage Box Included

RTM Stain Sample Color Box Set
Pre-formulated Stain Colors on Maple & Oak Veneer

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General Finishes RTM Stain System Base Colors

Colors are shown on oak veneers.  Colors may not be exact on all monitors. Test stains on scrap prior to application to projects.

RTM Stain Burnt Umber
Burnt Umber

RTM Stain Bordeaux

RTM Stain Golden Brown
Golden Brown

RTM Stain Raw Sienna
Raw Sienna

RTM Stain Red

RTM Stain Raw Umber
Raw Umber

RTM Stain Tavern Brown
Tavern Brown

RTM Stain Tint Base Black
Base Black

RTM Stain Tint Base White
Base White

RTM Stain Transparent Red
Transparent Red Oxide






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