0.95 litre (Quart) Gloss
Price: $82.00
- +
3.78 litre (Gallon) Gloss
Price: $220.00
- +
0.95 litre (Quart) Satin
Price: $82.00
- +
3.78 litre (Gallon) Satin
Price: $220.00
- +

System Three WR-LPU Waterbased Exterior Polyurethane

System Three WR-LPU is a two-part Waterbased Urethane designed primarily for exterior applications.

It is the premium topcoat (better than Spar Varnish) featured in System Three's "Clear Finishing of Outdoor Wood" project.

WR-LPU is extremely weatherable and abrasion-resistant, and will retain its appearance for long periods in a variety of environments.

It can be applied directly to bare wood, but using over System Three's Yacht Primer or Seal Coat provides the longest surface protection.

Very easy to use by brush, roller or by spraying. WR-LPU offers a Low VOC content and is thinned & cleaned up with water for convenience and safety.

While seemingly expensive, WR-LPU provides exceptional value as compared to Spar Varnishes due to it's significant protection abilities and long-life before recoating may be required.

  • Low VOC.
  • Cures to water-clear finish in Gloss or Satin Sheens. Also available in 12 standard colors in Semi-Gloss.
  • Cross-Linker Included.
  • Clean up with Water!
  • Long pot life (8 hours).
  • Apply by Brush, Roller or Spray!
  • Used in combination with System Three waterbased Silver-Tip Yacht Primer or ClearCoat for the ultimate in outdoor wood project protection.
  • Perfect for exterior signs, deck furniture, entry doors, planters and other garden furniture, boats (non-continuous below waterline)


Exterior Projects

  • Deck Furniture
  • Entry Doors
  • Garden Furniture
  • Planters
  • Boats(non-continuous below waterline)