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The holy grail of waterbased finishes.

Review by Ted on 6/22/2017

I've tried about eight different waterbourne coatings. This is BY FAR THE BEST. It's hard. It's clear. It doesn't look blue over ebony. It builds so fast that I've halved my finishing schedule and it's actually more economical because I use less! It buffs beautifully. It's repairable. This is it- the search has ended and I won't be trying anything else because I FINALLY have something that looks and behaves like nitro. Great stuff.

Great product

Review by Richard on 1/17/2017

I switched from the other water based product and am really happy with this. I build electric guitars and I've never gotten this quality of finish before. I would get witness lines with the other product but not with this. The burn in really helps in that respect.

It's Great

Review by Gary B on 10/7/2015

Just a quick update on the Brite tone finish. It is great, it seems to be much harder than the (other product) as the wet sanding took a little more elbow grease than usual and buffs to a perfect mirror shine even over black. I am impressed and once I'm finished my (other product) it could become my finish of choice.

Cat's Meow

Review by Larry F on 10/7/2015

That Brite Tone Finish is the cat's meow. Love working with it and the results are superb.

Really Pleased

Review by Timothy D on 10/7/2015

Recently I purchased some Color FX dyes and your Brite Tone Instrument Finish for a guitar that I'm building. I'm really pleased with both products. I've been working with test blocks to familiarize myself with both products and the results are outstanding. The Brite Tone clear is beautiful and easy to use. I tried airbrushing and brush-brushing; both gave excellent results. I used your reducer and found that simply brushing on 4 coats with light sanding between gives a nice level, rock hard finish...encouraging for someone who's never done this before.

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