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UltraSeal WB Shellac Sealer
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Item #: TRUSH3000
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Target Coatings UltraSeal Waterbased Shellac Sealer


Target Coatings UltraSeal-WB™ Waterbased Shellac Sealer is a unique, dewaxed shellac formulation ideal for a sanding sealer or stain conditioner on new construction.

When used as a sanding sealer, Ultra-Seal WB Shellac results in the same depth of image and rich tones as alcohol cut shellac, but in a waterbased, non-flammable solution!

The premium, dewaxed shellac resin used allows for topcoating by common finishes including waterbornes and solvent based finishes.


  • Ultra Low VOC, Zero HAPS
  • Excellent as a sanding sealer for improved topcoat levelling and adhesion
  • Useful as a pre-stain conditioner to help eliminate blotching
  • Enhance figure and tones of woods like cherry, maple and walnut
  • Quick drying (dry to touch in <15 minutes, re-coat in <1 hour)
  • Can be wiped, sprayed or brushed
  • Non-Flammable
  • Excellent Shelf-Life (24+ Months)
  • Available in Amber grade.

Target Coatings UltraSeal-WB Shellac

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