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Wood Essence stocks Target Coatings Products in it's Saskatoon, SK and Burlington, Ontario warehouses.


Our partnership with the warehousing and logistics division of BriChem Sales Ltd has allowed us to supply and deliver popular Target Coatings products to customers in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes in a more timely and cost effective manner.


The warehouse stocks the most popular Target products in gallons (3.78 litre) & 5 gallon (18.9 litre) sizes and select products in quart (litre) sizes.


Our Burlington warehouse is primarily for central distribution & shipping and does not currently offer retail sales.  All orders are processed and coordinated by our Saskatoon Head Office, but customer pickup of orders can be arranged by appointment in advance.


Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements for delivery or pickup.


As Canada's longest serving Target Coatings Dealer & Distributor, we thank all of our customers for their past business and look forward to your continued support in the future! We are happy to be at your service!



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Target Coatings Low VOC, LEED Credit, Waterbased Topcoats for Interior & Exterior applications.
  Primers, Sealers & Fillers
Target Coatings Primers, Sealers & Fillers
Target Coatings Waterbased SHELLAC sealer, Universal Sealer, High Solids Fillers.
  Target Additives
Target Coatings Retarders and Crosslinkers
Target Coatings Retarders and Crosslinkers.

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Mirka Abranet 5" H-L Mesh Discs
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Mirka Gold 5" x 8 Hole H-L Sanding Discs
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Mirka Abranet 6" H-L Mesh Discs

Mirka Abranet 6" H-L Mesh Discs
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