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Retouch Crayons
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Liberon Retouch Crayons


Retouch Crayons are tinted wax, used for touchups of minor surface scratches.


Simply rub into scratches and buff with a soft cloth.


Choose the nearest match or a color slightly darker than your finish for a less obvious repair.


Pre-packaged kits are handy for around the shop or for minor repairs during onsite installations...


  • 3 Color Packette contains Light, Medium and Dark Crayons
  • Standard kit contains 10 Different colored crayons to match most woodworking projects.  Supplied in a hinged tin storage case, perfect for around the shop and the onsite job box.
  • Kitchen Kit includes 2 Each of White, Pine and Light, plus other colors suited for kitchen cabinets and trimwork.  Supplied in a hinged tin storage case, perfect for around the shop and in job boxes.


Liberon Retouch Crayon 3 Pack
 Liberon Retouch Crayons




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