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Wood Essence Premium Dry Shellac
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Item #: WD10
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Our dewaxed shellac is processed in Germany and is considered among the highest quality available anywhere.  


It is flown to us in lot numbered batches and we package it on our own line in Canada to keep our prices down and reasonable for you.


We include a dessicant pack and oxygen absorber heat sealed inside a resealable barrier bag to ensure freshness of the shellac during shipping and storage.


We regularly test our shellac inventory for solubility so that you can be certain that every package we ship will be of the highest quality and will dissolve quickly and completely in fresh denatured ethanol.

Wood Essence Premium Shellac
Packaged in Canada
Dessicant and Oxygen Absorber in each
Heat Sealed Barrier Bag


Wood Essence Premium Dry Shellac Grades









Premium Dry Shellac Flakes

Mixing your own shellac solution from dry shellac flakes ensures that you will have a reliable finish that will dry properly and provide an unbeatable appearance.

  • Offers incredibly beautiful results on almost any wood.
  • Highlights wood figure and enhances color.
  • Dries within minutes and can be recoated within a short period of time.
  • Buffable & Rubs out with ease.
  • Dewaxed shellac is excellent as a sealer and is compatible with virtually any finish schedule.
  • Easily repaired.
  • Sprayable, Brushable, Wipeable, French Polish.
  • Tintable with ColorFX Dyes.
  • Dissolve (Cut) with Isopropyl 99% or Denatured Ethanol.
  • Heat sealed in clear Barrier bags with oxygen absorber and dessicant packet to aid in extended shelf-life of unopened product.
  • Processed in Germany and packaged in Canada!


Shellac is a perishable product and despite common misconceptions, shellac flakes do NOT last forever.  Shellac flakes WILL degrade such that they will no longer dissolve in alcohol.

In excellent storage conditions, shellac flakes can last many years (storage conditions from 40F to 50F at <40% RH are suggested). 

However, in poor storage conditions, they can become unuseable in as short as a couple months.   
We regularly perform solubility testing of our shellac stock to ensure that it will dissolve in fresh ethanol when we ship it.

We discourage customers from overstocking or hoarding shellac flakes beyond what is expected to be used within a reasonable time.

Our shellac is now heat sealed in clear barrier bags with oxygen absorber and a dessicant packet for improved shelf-life.




Ultra Blonde Natural Wood Super  Blonde Blonde Orange
Garnet Dark Garnet

Kusmi #1

Walnut - Ultra Blonde Walnut - Natural Walnut - Super Blonde Walnut - Blonde Walnut - Orange Walnut - Garnet Walnut - Dark Garnet Walnut - Kusmi #1 Waxy


Cherry - Ultra Blonde Cherry - Natural Cherry - Super Blonde Cherry - Blonde Cherry - Orange Cherry - Garnet Cherry - Dark Garnet Cherry - Kusmi #1 Waxy


Maple - Ultra Blonde Maple - Natural Maple - Super Blonde Maple - Blonde Maple - Orange Maple - Garnet Maple - Dark Garnet Maple - Kusmi #1 Waxy

Hard Curly Maple

Red Oak - Ultra Blonde Red Oak - Natural Red Oak - Super Blonde Red Oak - Blonde Red Oak - Orange Red Oak - Garnet Red Oak - Dark Garnet Red Oak - Kusmi #1 Waxy

Red Oak





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