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COVID-19 Information for our Customers!


Wood Essence is currently processing orders for shipping or curb-side pickup only.  Our retail showroom is temporarily closed. 


Orders MUST be submitted online; we can not accept orders over the phone at this time.


Please understand that there may be delays in order processing and shipping and we ask that you please remain patient as we work through orders as quickly as possible.


Please stay safe!





We've deployed a shopping cart system to make your ordering experience simpler and more convenient.
We are available to discuss your specific requirements by email or by phone, but as a very busy shop we may not be available to answer the phone or return calls immediately.  


Before leaving a message consider these Frequently Asked Questions: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to ship "this" to "here"?


A: Simple!  You can easily find shipping costs by adding items to our online shopping cart and providing your postal code.  You will be provided with shipping options and costs that are calculated based on the weight and size of your order to the destination postal code.  


We use this exact same method to provide the answer when the question is asked by email or by phone, but you can do it quicker on your own rather than waiting for us to respond.

Q: Is it quicker to place my order by phone?


A: No.  Submitting online is the most eficient and accurate method to place orders because we avoid mistakes relaying address and product details by telephone.


Online orders go into our processing queue and establish an order confirmation number in your account.  You can set up online orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week complete with pricing including shipping costs  and taxes.  You will automatically receive shipping updates for your order.


Placing your order by telephone sets you up at the end of the queue, with only a verbal confirmation and no automated shipment notifications.  Sometimes setting up orders by telephone is necessary due to complexity or specialized requirements....we can do that when appropriate, but we encourage customers to use the online system whenever possible. 

Q: I heard or read that you have a warehouse in Oakville / Burlington.  Can I go there to pick up some items?


A: No.  We operate a distribution facility in Burlington, but there are NO retail sales or walk-in services available at this location.  There are no samples to view.  We do not stock all products at this location.  We do not bulk-ship orders to this location for individual pickup.  


We DO allow pickup by commercial customers on an appointment basis for items that we regularly stock there.


Most products will ship from our store and main warehouse in Saskatoon. If we are able to reduce shipping costs by fulfilling part or all of your order via our facility in Ontario, we will advise you by email and confirm those arrangements with you.

 Q: I have some "name a product".  Can I use it over / under / between / mixed in / added to / etc.  your "pick one" product?


A: Possibly.  We do not test the thousands of variants, iterations and combinations of products that are available in North America, so we can't answer this for you.  You will need to perform appropriate tests to determine whether the products are compatible and whether you'll achieve the results that you desire.


We have various products that we know are compatible and have noted them in the product descriptions when appropriate.  Beyond that, most products from a particular manufacturer are compatible within their scope of use.


You are welcome to experiment with any combination of products that you wish, but we have no idea what the outcome might be.  Test on scraps.

 Q: I'm trying to produce the color / effect shown in "this photo".  What should I use?


A: You should use your skills to experiment to obtain the color and effects that you need using the tools and materials that you have available to you.  Tough answer we know, but we don't know what application method you might be able to use or the context of the project.  


We offer pigments, dyes, sealers, glazes, various finishes, spray systems, brushes and numerous items that can likely be used to recreate the effect.  But we don't have a general purpose "do this" finishing schedule library.


When we see a finish or color that we need to reproduce, we start by making a bunch of samples to narrow down the technique and evolve the method from that.  Yes, it's time consuming.  If it was easy, we'd just print the finishing schedule on the website.  


Even when starting with a computer generated color formula to match a popular paint color, we might prepare up to a dozen bench samples to fine tune our final tinting formula for a certain lot controlled batch of materials.


Every project can vary depending on the species of wood involved, what sort of equipment and resources are available and how "involved" the finishing steps might be.  It comes down to getting a few related materials (we can help with that) and plan to do some testing to develop a finishing schedule that works for your circumstances.  You'll have gained valuable experience and be able to proudly say, "I did this myself"!



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