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Our Price: $440.00
Choice of Cup/Pot:  
We Also Include:
  • Wet Mil Gauge
  • Paint & Finish Strainers (226 micron 10 Pk)
Optional Orifices Or Needle:

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CAT FE-Line Low CFM HVLP  By C.A. Technologies

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This "Finish Excellence" (FE) gun is light weight and ergonomic, perfect for onsite project work such as stair balusters, rails, trim, spindles, built-ins and touch-ups. 


It's low air consumption also makes it an ideal solution for shops with limited compressed air capacity.  The ideal Spray Gun to operate with small compressors as small as 2HP making for a convenient portable system.


FE-Line LCFM Spray Guns are arranged in pre-configured kits for the best value.  Each kit includes 2 Air Caps (HVLP & Low CFM) along with 3 different orifices to spray different materials.  The kits also include a multi-purpose wrench, nozzle wrench and cleaning brush all packed neatly into a hard shell case for protection.


The FE-Line LCFM is available only as a Pressure Feed gun and can be ordered with your choice of a 1 quart Aluminum Pressure Cup or with the 3M PPS Pressure Cup System. 


You may also choose a remote pressure pot such as the C.A.T. Bandit or Economy 2Qt Remote Pot.  The LCFM utilizes standard connectors and can be matched with any of C.A.T.'s Pressure Pots.  See our Pressure Pot Outfits for more details.


Be sure to contact us by phone or email if you have questions or require a special configuration.


C.A.T. FE-Line Low CFM HVLP Spray Gun

  • Low CFM & HVLP Technology for smaller compressors
  • Small, lightweight (15 oz.) gun for tight spaces.
  • Perfect for Onsite or Portable work.
  • Non-Corrosive wet parts.
  • Full kit with accessories included in hardshell case
  • 1 Common Needle, with 3 Orifices included for broad range of spray applications and great value!
  • 2 Air Caps inluded (#1090 @ 6cfm & #1094 @ 13cfm)!
  • Repair Kits and Spare Parts are In Stock!
  • 100% USA Made

Body: Forged, Anodized Aluminum
Fluid Passages: Stainless Steel
Air Cap: Anodized Aluminum
Needle/nozzle sizes: 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.7 mm
Working pressure: 29 psi
Air Consumption: 6cfm w/LCFM Aircap or 13cfm w/HVLP Aircap




FE-Line Low CFM Kits Include:

  • LCFM Spray Gun
  • 1 Common Needle
  • 3 Different Orifices (0.8, 1.3 & 1.7mm),
  • HVLP & LowCFM Air Caps
  • Choice of No Cup (Match with Pressure Pot) or 1Qt Alum Cup or 3M PPS
  • Regulator(s)/Gauge(s) Included with Cup/Pot Choice
  • Multi-Purpose Wrench
  • Nozzle Wrench
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Hard Shell Storage Case.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Needle/Nozzle Substitutions ARE allowed.  Simply let us know your requirements.

 C.A.T.   CPR Pressure Pack
C.A.T.   1
 QT Pressure Cup

Fe-Line LCFM Kit with 1 Qt Cup & Regulator

C.A.T.   FelCFM Packt
Fe-Line LCFM Kit with 1 Qt 3M PPS

3M PPS Option Includes:

  • PPS Spray Gun Adapter
  • 1 Qt PPS Gravity or Pressure Cup/Collar
  • 3 PPS Lids w/integrated filter
  • 3 PPS Liners

Cup Size Substitutions ARE allowed. 
Simply let us know your requirements. 
PPS Re-fills & Accessories are available here.


Remote Pressure Pot Options Include:

  • Dual Regulators & Gauges!
  • Handle/hook
  • 5' Air & Fluid Hoses w/Fittings
  • Bandit Pot Includes 1 liner

Custom Hose Lengths ARE available. 
Simply let us know your requirements

C.A.T.     Techline 2 Qt Pot
2 Qt Economy Pot w/Dual
Regulators & 5 Foot
Hose Set
C.A.T.    Bandit 2 Qt Pot
2 Qt Bandit Pot w/Dual
Regulators (one not shown),
pot liner & 5 Foot Hose Set






C.A.T FE-Line Low CFM Spray Gun
Small Physical Size for Tight Spaces
  FE-Line Low CFM Parts Diagram



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