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Brite Tone Sanding Sealer
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Brite-Tone Sanding Sealer


Brite-Tone Instrument finishes have been specially developed and formulated for Wood Essence for application on musical instruments and other high end finishing projects.

Apply 2 coats of quick drying sanding sealer to establish a smooth substrate prior to application of Brite-Tone Instrument Finish.

Clear with a slight amber color, can be tinted with ColorFX dyes or with Mixol Pigments for a broad range of custom effects including bursts and toning.

  • Quick Drying
  • Easy Sanding
  • Non-Flammable
  • Low Odour
  • Water Clean-Up
  • Tintable with ColorFX Dyes or Mixol Pigments

Brite Tone Instrument Finish

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  • Musical Instruments
    • Natural or Stained Wood
    • Solid or Hollow Body
    • Pianos & Keyboards
    • Guitars and other stringed Instruments
  • High End Projects
    • Jewelry Boxes
    • Picture Frames
    • Decorative Work





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