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Apollo - Precision 5 Turbine HVLP
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Item #: KR-1050VR
Our Price: $2,990.00
Spray Gun Style:  
Your Choice of Nozzle Size to Include in Kit:  
FREE BONUS ($357 Value):
  • Fluid Needles 0.8, 1.3 & 2.0mm
  • Fluid Nozzles 0.8, 1.3 & 2.0mm
  • "A" & "C" Air Caps
We Also Include:
  • Wet Mil Gauge
  • Paint & Finish Strainers (226 micron 10 Pk)
  • Viscosity Cup Ford #4
Optional Fluid Sets:
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Apollo Precision 5 Turbine HVLP 
By  Apollo Spray Systems

Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING to Canadian Addresses!


Kremlin, producers of top regarded spray equipment has selected Apollo Spray Systems as their provider for Turbine HVLP equipment.

The Kremlin Precision 5 represents the ultimate in power and features in a Turbine driven HVLP spray system.  The 5 stage turbine delivers enough power to atomize higher viscosity products, often without thinning.

The Precision Pressure Control System (PPCS) controls motor speed for consistent, predictable results in varying atmospheric conditions.


A Precision LCD displays atomizing pressure (accurate to 0.1 psi) for quick, repeatable set up by the operator.


Available with a variety of spray gun choices, the standard Precision 5 Kit comes complete and ready to use with the 7500TK "AtomiZer" Spray Gun (Non-Bleeder!) and 24 foot Air-Flex Hose.  You choose the style of Spray Gun Configuration...Gravity Feed, Pressure Cup or Remote Pressure Feed.


The standard 7500TK "AtomiZer" Spray Gun is pre-configured with a 1.5mm needle/nozzle set and a "B" size Aircap.  This set up is suitable for most waterbased clear topcoats as well as medium viscosity tinted finishes. 


Kremlin Precision 5 Turbine HVLP System

  • 5 Stage Variable Speed Turbine provides 22% more power
  • Precision Pressure Control System (PPCS), variable speed, user adjustable atomization pressure.
  • Precision LCD Pressure Display (accurate to 0.1 psi)
  • Precision FreeFlo Filter monitor with LED Indicator (Green for Clean & Red for clogged or partially blocked filters)
  • Internal Air-Relief allows use of Non-Bleeder Turbine Spray Guns!
  • 24 foot Air-Flex Hose with quick connectors.
  • Handi-Hold Spray Gun Docking Station for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Made in USA
  • 2 Year LIMITED Warranty


Kremlin - Apollo "AtomiZer" 7500 Spray Gun (included)

  • Non-Bleeder Design (airflow through gun shuts off when trigger released)
  • Multi-Feed Port design allows same spray gun to be re-configured with Pressure Cup, Gravity Cup or Remote Pressure Pot connection.
  • Order with your choice of 1 Quart Pressure Cup, 600ml Gravity Feed Cup or No Cup for connection to Remote Pressure Pots.
  • Standard with 1.5mm needle/nozzle & "B" Aircap, other sizes and configurations available.
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic shape
  • Non-Corrosive "wet" parts.  Easy clean exterior.
  • Carrying Case, Spare Parts, Wrench, Lube & CheckValve Pressure Tube all included.
  • Repair Kits and Spare Parts are In Stock!


Turbine: 5 Stage, Variable Speed
Output: 9.5psi, 130cfm
Air: Dual Filtration
Weight: 31 pounds (14.1kg)
Dimenions: 15" (38.1cm) x 8.5" (21.6cm) x 12" (30.5cm) High


Kremlin - Apollo Precision 5 Turbine
Precision 5 HVLP Turbine

Kremlin - Apollo Turbine Manual



Kremlin - Apollo 7500QTK AtomiZer Spray GunKremlin - Apollo 7500GTK AtomiZer Spray GunKremlin - Apollo 7500GTK AtomiZer Spray Gun
7500 AtomiZer Spray Gun Styles
Non-Bleeder Turbine HVLP
  7500 Series Instruction Manual



Kremlin - Apollo 7500 Deluxe Fluid Set
Optional Fluid Set - Deluxe
0.8 Needle & Nozzle

1.3 Needle & Nozzle

2.0 Needle & Nozzle

"A" & "C" Air Caps
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Kremlin - Apollo 7500 Contractor Fluid Set
Optional Fluid Set - Contractor
1.8 Needle & Nozzle

2.5 Needle & Nozzle

"D" Air Cap
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