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Wood Essence offers a variety of standard abrasive products for wood shaping, stripping and finish preparation. 

Additionally, we carry an expanding range of specialty abrasive products particular to Finishing Operations as well as buffing, polishing and rub-out applications.


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Abralon - Foam Backed
Mirka Abralon Hook & Loop Foam Backed Pads
Mirka Abralon Hook & Loop Foam Backed Pads. Range 180 to 4000 grit.
  Abranet - Mesh Sanding
Mirka Abranet Mesh Discs
Mirka Abranet Hook & Loop Mesh Sanding Discs Speed Cutting and Reduce Sanding Dust. Range 80 to 1000 grit.
  AutoNet - Mesh Sanding
AutoNet Mesh Sanding
Cost Saving Mirka AutoNet Mesh Sanding Discs optimized performance at a reduced price. Range 80 to 800 grit.
Mirka Gold Discs & Sheets
Mirka Gold
Mirka Gold is the Production Grade of abrasive, for economical wood shaping and surfacing work.
  Mirka Royal Discs & Sheets
Mirka Royal
Mirka Royal is the Premium Grade of abrasive, for the finest and most stringent finishing applications
  Sanding Accessories
Sanding Accessories
Sanding Accessories to make your sanding job easier and more productive.
Scuff Pads & Sponges
Scuff Pads
Scuff Pads for Shaping, Pre-Finishing & Between Coat Sanding
  Wet Dry Sheets
Wet Dry Sheets
Wet/Dry Sheets for level sanding and preparation of finishes prior to final rub out or buffing to high gloss.

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Mirka Abranet 5" H&L Mesh Discs

Mirka Abranet 5" H&L Mesh Discs
SKU:  MR9A-232-
Price: $1.15

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Mirka Gold 5" x 8 Hole H&L Sanding Discs

Mirka Gold 5" x 8 Hole H&L Sanding Discs
SKU:  MR23-615-
Price: $0.50

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Mirka Abranet 6" H&L Mesh Discs

Mirka Abranet 6" H&L Mesh Discs
SKU:  MR9A-241-
Price: $1.32

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